Jaguars trail Chiefs, hobbled Patrick Mahomes, in fourth quarter: NFL playoffs live updates

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs starts Saturday with two games, each featuring the No. 1 seed in its respective conference. The AFC and the top-seeded Kansas City Chiefs get things started at 4:30 pm Eastern time with a matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who came back from a 27-point deficit last weekend to beat the Los Angeles Chargers, 31-30. After that, the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants face off at 8:15 Eastern time; the NFC East rivals last played each other two weeks ago in Week 18. The Eagles won that game, 22-16, and also won the first matchup with the Giants, 48-22, in December. The Giants advanced to the divisional round after topping the Minnesota Vikings on the road last weekend.

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