Bob Iger: Disney Will Cut Costs On Movies And TV Shows To Focus On Quality, Not Volume – Hollywood Reporter

  1. Bob Iger: Disney will cut costs for movies and TV shows to focus on quality, not volumeHollywood journalist
  2. Bob Iger questions Marvel sequels and needs to bring characters back: ‘You’re going to see a lot of new things’Yahoo Entertainment
  3. Bob Iger says Disney theme park prices were too high in ‘Zeal To Grow Profit’ – it’s ‘a brand that needs to be accessible’Deadline
  4. Bob Iger is ‘bullish’ on Disney+ but ‘we weren’t aware’ of pricing strategy and needed to rationalize costsVariety
  5. Disney CEO Bob Iger says Solo’s ‘disappointing’ box office ‘gave us pause’ on Star Wars: ‘We’re very careful about it’IGN

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