Pfizer and Astellas claim Xtandi drug combination reduces risk of metastasis and death in prostate cancer by 58% – Endpoints News

  1. Pfizer and Astellas claim that the Xtandi drug combination reduces the risk of metastasis and death from prostate cancer by 58%Terminal News
  2. Pfizer and Astellas detail Xtandi victory in prior prostate cancerFiercePharma
  3. Enzalutamide-ADT reduces risk of disease spread in non-metastatic prostate cancerMedpage today
  4. Pfizer and the Astellas Xtandi association reduce the risk of death by 58% in patients with prostate cancerLooking for Alpha
  5. Enzalutamide plus leuprolide reduces the risk of metastasis by almost 60% in non-metastatic HSPCUrology time
  6. See full coverage on Google News

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